Advocacy is the art of persuasion in court.

The Australian Advocacy Institute Advocacy Skills Workshops provide lawyers at all levels with an opportunity to improve essential advocacy skills, including effective preparation, performance and communication skills, in a supportive learning environment.

Participation in an AAI workshop will give you an opportunity to work with and learn from experienced and skilled advocates who have been trained to help you improve your advocacy.


The AAI offers 3 workshop options:

  • General, Advanced and Specialist advocacy skills workshops open to all members of the legal profession.
  • Custom advocacy skills workshops and programs 'in-house' for law firms and government departments.
  • Specially tailored workshops for organisations having a right of appearance before any tribunal or hearing.

A non-commercial, not-for-profit institute, the AAI believes all people are entitled to quality legal representation by skilled and ethical legal advocates.


Registration for the next AAI Advocacy Skills Workshop, November 2022, details below.


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AAI Advocacy Skills Workshops

Dubbo Advocacy Workshop
August 2022 - Participant link only

2nd Edition

The AAI Advocacy Manual

The Complete Guide to Persuasive Advocacy


The definitive manual on advocacy skills. A practical guide to the philosophy, performance and practice of good advocacy.

The 2nd edition of the AAI Advocacy Manual with updated chapters on evidence, appellate advocacy and argument is NOW AVAILABLE.





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Learn about AAI online Advocacy Skills Workshops ...

Covid has required the AAI to run some workshops online rather than "In Person". Other workshops are a mixture of both formats.
This short video gives a rundown on attending an AAI advocacy skills workshop online.

AAI Advocacy Skills




The next AAI workshop open to all

legal practitioners will be held:

Wednesday 2 November 2022 ONLINE 5.00pm to 6.30pm

Thursday 3 November 2022 ONLINE 5.00pm to 6.00pm

Saturday 5 November IN-PERSON 9.00am to 5.00pm

All times Sydney time. Participants attend all online and in-person sessions.



25% Discounted Registration Fee is available for ALS, Legal Aid
and Community Legal Centre lawyers.


Registration will be limited in numbers ... Covid protocols will apply.

Registration fee also includes a complimentary hard copy of the
AAI Advocacy Manual (RRP $198.00).
This workshop qualifies for CLE points.


 Please note that should tighter Covid restrictions apply, the Saturday workshop may be required to run using the AAI ONLINE platform.


[Update July 5] - All places for this workshop have
now been filled.

Registration can now only be on stand-by.
To be placed on the stand-by list, please email the AAI at:



The AAI Advocacy Skills Workshop -

A foundation for persuasive advocacy

This AAI Advocacy Skills workshop gives you the opportunity to practise courtroom techniques and strategies with the assistance of a faculty of experienced instructors who offer constructive and practical suggestions to improve your advocacy.


Designed for practitioners at all levels across all jurisdictions, this workshop involves instruction, performance and review of the skills, disciplines and techniques involved in persuasive advocacy.


Using a contested hearing as a template, you will practice and receive skills advice in case analysis, preparation, performance preparation, effective examination, cross-examination and persuasive argument.

This course is suitable for practitioners from all jurisdictions ... criminal, civil and family lawyers.


This supportive, non-competitive simulation, together with instructor demonstrations, suggested readings and personal attention, helps you develop and improve your own personal and effective style of advocacy.


At an AAI workshop you receive the best possible advocacy skills training and techniques. We provide superior teaching methods, expert faculty and innovative instructive materials to enhance your competency and professionalism and give you confidence in the courtroom.


Further details on AAI Advocacy Skills Workshops are available HERE.

The AAI is an independent, not-for-profit,
non-commercial training body dedicated to the improvement of advocacy skills for all lawyers.



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